Tool & Method

Much more than just yet another modelling tool, Capella is a model-based engineering solution that has been successfully deployed in a wide variety of industrial contexts.

Based on a graphical modelling workbench, it provides systems, software and hardware architects with rich methodological guidance relying on Arcadia, a comprehensive model-based engineering method.

  • Ensure engineering-wide collaboration by sharing the same reference architecture
  • Master the complexity of systems and architectures
  • Define the best optimal architectures through trade-off analysis
  • Master different engineering levels and traceability with automated transition and information refinement

A graphical modeling workbench …

The Capella workbench is an Eclipse application implementing the Arcadia method providing both a Domain Specific Language (DSL) and toolset which is dedicated to guidance, productivity and quality. Intuitive model editing and viewing capabilities help engineers focus on the design and description of the system and its architecture.

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Arcadia, a model-based engineering method:

  • Developed by Thales
  • Promoting a viewpoint-driven approach (ISO/IEC 42010)
  • Emphasizing a clear distinction between need and solution
  • Considering engineering through 3 mandatory intererelated activities, at the same level of importance

Noticeable Features

  • Models supporting enterprise-wide collaboration and co-engineering
  • Tailored for architectural design
  • Dealing with complexity and size
  • Field-proven in real industrial situations
  • Open to domain-specific added value
  • Adapted to several lifecycles and work sharing schemes

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