The MBSE Initiative

The Clarity project consists in developing and structuring an international ecosystem of major actors (industrials, integrators, technology providers, consultants) centered on the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) solution Capella.

Duration of the project: 36 months
– Start: September 2014
– End: September 2017

Initiated by the INCOSE in 2007, the MBSE initiative aims at replacing document-based approaches currently used by system engineers by a model centered vision. MBSE is a a key answer to the current challenges related to the creation of more and more complex systems.

The Tool “Capella” and the Method “Arcadia”

Initially developed by Thales involving its operational units, Capella (also known as Melody inside Thales) has been successfully deployed in lots of projects among which some of the major programs. It has been created to provide a high value environment to architecture engineering teams (systems, software, electronic material…).

The solution Capella tools the Arcadia method, which is centered on the functional analysis, the definition of architectures, their complexity mastering and their upstream validation.

Capella – real backbone of the system engineering process – is going to serve as the starting point for the realization of R&D works. These ones will enable to develop viewpoints and connectors to specialties’ engineering (simulation, test, safety…).

Origin of the Project

Aware of the added value of Capella, Clarity partners decided to collaborate to contribute to the internal and external adoption of this solution and its extensions.

The Clarity project brings a major innovation and a technological break for MBSE tools and methods. Its strong and quick adoption will bring a competitive advantage for industrial actors but also for technology and service providers.

Goals of the Project

  • Make Capella available through an open source implementation within the Eclipse Industrial Working Group (IWG) PolarSys (PolarSys has been created by a group of industrial actors and tools providers whose purpose is to collaborate to define and provide open source tools for the development of embedded systems –
  • Develop innovations that contribute to maintain and to emphasize the Capella Solution technological lead.
  • Develop the Capella complementary viewpoints to address non-functional concerns or to address specialties’ engineering (conception of simulation, tests, Safety / Security, multi physics…)
  • Strongly contribute to the adoption of a new innovative approach – open to the complex systems architectural activities – breaking with the current practices, starting with the stakeholders of the project.
  • Enable the emergence of main users, services and technology providers gathering around a system engineering platform. One of the project main goal is to structure the French ecosystem. But our ambition is not limited to the French actors. Many others actions will be led to make the international ecosystem grow.
  • Contribute to the economic development of the technology and services providers by expanding their national and international visibility.

Key-Assets of Clarity

To reach the previous objectives, Clarity benefits from the following key-assets:

− an industrial model-driven engineering platform
− an innovative, rich, mature and open technology
− a low-cost deployment model and non-mature competitors
− a critical mass of credible and famous actors, spread through the whole value chain
− lots of successful deployments already made available


− Make Melody open source (Capella)
− Standardize & normalize Arcadia Engineering Method
− Demonstrate how Capella, its viewpoints and connectors allow to confront specialty engineering’s and architecture..
− Develop Capella functional and non-functional improvements to increase its usability and adaptability to the many contexts of use, its performances…
− Make available project communications and dissemination supports

“We are convinced that Clarity will have a major impact on the French industrial competitivity.”
Clarity Representant


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