Full dedicated day to Capella at EclipseCon France Unconference 2017

What is Capella Day?


On June 20th, as part of the the EclipseCon France Unconference, Capella Day will bring together the community of users and developers behind Capella, the open source model-based engineering solution.

What is Capella? Based on a graphical modelling workbench, Capella provides systems, software and hardware architects with rich methodological guidance relying on Arcadia, a comprehensive model-based engineering method.


Why you should attend


Capella Day is your opportunity to meet the Capella ecosystem and to learn from their expertise. We’ve invited all the actors of the project ecosystem: creators of the solution, providers of Capella add-ons and services, industrial users (Thales, Airbus Safran Launchers, Continental) and MBSE experts. Deepen your knowledge of the Capella workbench or, if you’re new to the community, discover the latest plugins and extensions that will unleash the potential of Capella, from documents generation to collaborative work for your team.

Capella Day is free of charge and takes place in conjunction with EclipseCon France.





More information: https://www.eclipsecon.org/france2017/capella-day

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